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What is a Stiper?


Stiper means permanent  stimulation. Stiper is a small, spongy, crystallized silicon disc SiO2 (crystal quartz) which is used to balance the body through the transmission of its vibrational charge. The Stiper is completely neutral due to the exhaustive physical and environmental conditions taken into account during the crystallization process.








Types of Stiper Quars





Experiment the Qi


Let the Stiper be the one to introduce itself.




Only feel the heartbeat of the quartz First of all, rub your hands together to stimulate the palm chakra.


Then, place a Stiper in the center of the palm breath edeeply three times, while relaxing the muscles and concentrating your attention on the Stiper. Within a few minutes, you will begin to notice a slight tickle or sensation of heat.


Each person will notice the vibration of the Stiper in their own way. What you are feeling is your own energy, which the Stiper is amplifying, balancing and returning to you.



Stiper - Puncture



The Stiper is the result of a search for a way to apply acupuncture to children and adults who are afraid of needles. They were the first to experience the advantages of the Stiper and later it was extended to all clients because of its great effectiveness providing permanent stimulation. The Stiper balances the energy meridians just like regular acupuncture. Furthermore, through the use of Stipers we can obtain the benefits of Crystal Quartz, whose proven effects have been noted over many centuries.


Stiper puncture represents a new therapeutic approach that overcomes the drawbacks of traditional acupuncture, thereby providing universal access to a therapy of proven results. It can be applied on children and anyone who would like the benefits of acupuncture without the use of needles or for those who would like to extend the stimulation of the acupuncture points by applying Stipers after a regular acupuncture session.




only for babys







• Physical Pain: Gives immediate relief to lumbago; tendonitis; sport injuries; muscle, bone and joint pains.

• Acupuncture Points: It can be used on regular acupuncture points and with the same protocols. It is not necessary to apply the Stiper on the exact acupuncture point as when using needles because of its broader impact.

• Reflex Zones: Feet, hands and face.

• Chakras: It can be apply on all at once to balance them or on a specific chakra.

• Emotional Healing: It can be applied on acupuncture points that relieve anxiety, depression, stress, etc.

• Skin and Beauty Treatment: By applying on skin to tighten it, on wrinkles, on scars, on cellulite, on pimples, on black heads, on inflammations, etc.


The Stiper has not known side effects. Because it has the properties of the Crystal Quartz, including having memory just like water, it can be programmed with information, either by intention, Chromotherapy, Reiki, flower essences or Homeopathy. For this reason, trained professionals can use them in combination with diverse therapies.





Method of use



Place the Stiper on the skin in selected points or zones and secure them with strips of any adhesive tape that can use on the skin. They can then be left in pleace until there is an improvent in  the condition of pain, pathology or blockage of energy (no longer thah 6 days because they get charged with the negative energy that was absorved from the body)


There are two ways to use the Stiper:

Standard: Leave the Stiper from 30 to 45 minutes on chakras, acupuncture points or reflex zones.


Permanent Stimulation: Leave the Stiper on from 1 to 6 days, depending on the condition being treated. For example, for joint pain leave the Stiper on from 2 to 6 days (usually 3 days) and for emotional problems of anxiety or stress it is best to renew the Stiper every day for 2 to 3 days, depending on the rate of improvement.



The Stiper works in two fields: the Physical and the Energetic



The physical action: It achieves an anti-inflammatory effect on points that are painful to the touch by increasing the flow of blood, oxygen and nutrients. For the same reason, an affected area regenerates faster when a Stiper is applied.

Another benefit, when treating pain by applying the Stiper on acupuncture points, is the release of endorphins which modify the painful perception in the spinal cord, the midbrain, the thalamus and the cerebral cortex, achieving an analgesic effect.


Energetic level: Crystal Quartz has a powerful effect on unbalanced energy patterns that could be the underlying cause of many ailments. It works with the systems that feed, cure and repair the cellular and molecular levels of the human body. The Stiper absorbs the body’s erratic and confused energy, transforms it, and then returns it amplified and regulated: constantly restoring and balancing the energy of the body.



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